What Do People Say About Us

“When I initially started the online training program, I weighed 215lbs with 23% body fat. To be honest, my general day to day eating and activity routines were horrible. That seems obvious now, but I was stuck in the same routine, and I didn’t realize how it just all adds up over time. Once I started with the program, I was pleasantly surprised to see how easy it was to follow. There was a plan on how I was going to eat, and how I was going to work out. This was huge for me, because not only was I now learning how to eat correctly, but how to work out the right way as well.  I learned all this because Joe took so much time to not only tailor the workouts to my schedule, but also (and probably more importantly) created a food guideline for me that was based on the “good” things I like eat. As I started over the first few weeks, it was easy to get into my new routine. The results started right away. Weight started to fall off and my stamina was increasing dramatically. This really reassured me that all my new found soreness, was well worth it. After completion of Phase 1 (month #1), I had gained a confidence and belief in what I was doing, and what I was learning. As Phase 2 started, Joe created an entirely new program. Not only increasing my work out intensity, but also tweaking it slightly to accommodate my weekly travel. I was able to get solid workouts in even on the road, based in hotels. That’s only because Joe listened to how my schedule was changing and adapted. After a total of 90 days through Phases 1,2 and 3, I lost over 30lbs and dropped nearly 10% body fat. This program is not like “infomercial” type workout programs you’ll typically see on TV. Those you watch others work out, listen to high tempo music and some guy “motivating” you. All the while, simply trying to keep up. Joe designs and fits his program to what your goals are, your schedule allows, and in the end that’s why it works. I am now starting round #2 of the online training program, with different goals in mind. As I would expect, the program has again been adjusted for me, continually challenging what successes I’ve seen thus far. I know this program works because I’ve done it, and moving forward I will continue to lean on Joe’s expertise on how to improve my overall health, strength and confidence. Thank you Joe for having more dedication to my health, than I had!” 
–Jeff A.


“Above the water fountain in my gym, there’s a sign. In bold letters across the top, it asks, “WHY HIRE A PERSONAL TRAINER?”  The reasons it lists in answering its own question are obvious: A personal trainer brings their expertise, focus, motivation, goal setting and measurement to your fitness routine. All this in the hope that you walk away from your time with them looking and feeling better than you did when you arrived. This was all I was expecting when I began working with Joe Albin, and I certainly got what I’d hoped for from the process. What I hadn’t expected from the training was probably the most profound outcome of training with Joe. Somewhere along the way, my understanding of the role of fitness in my life evolved. I came to understand that, when done right, a fitness program that challenges you to dream new goals for yourself paired with a trainer who shows you how to realize those dreams, can actually be the foundation for a new life. The confidence that came through the physical transformation that Joe helped me create bled over into other aspects of my life. In time, it became instinctual to look to the gym – and not to comfort foods or other diversions – as a tool for managing stress and transforming my outlook. Joe is uniquely talented in this respect.  Endlessly positive, he also works with clear-eyed honesty – an easily overlooked necessity in a coach. His balanced approach is equal parts physiological and psychological; "a transformation of your body, led by your mind.”"
–Jeff M.


“I have come to realize through working with Joe and Prototype Fitness, that my focus should be on making my workouts enjoyable. Understandably, the most common reason for exercise and a proper diet is to be healthy and look good. However, after dozens of attempts on my own and with other trainers, it is Joe who has made working out and eating right an enjoyable part of my daily routine. The rest falls into place on it’s own.”
–Steve A.


“Joe Albin was my personal trainer  from June 2010–October 2010.  His passion and dedication for fitness are evident not just in his professional life but also personally.  He is highly motivated and always encouraged me to go beyond my capabilities.  Joe shows great patience, knowledge of the trade, professionalism, and a great sense of humor.  In addition, he is always very accommodating with his time. Regardless of any circumstances, Joe always had a positive attitude.  When I needed additional support to achieve my goals, he was always ready and willing to lend a helping hand.  I would highly recommend Joe Albin as a trainer to anyone who is not afraid to work hard and loves to be challenged!”  
–Maria S.


“Let me preface this by saying that I’ve always hated working out. After making yet another New Year’s Resolution to get in better shape, I attended a boxing class led by Joe. I thought I was possibly going to die in the middle of class. But, I didn’t. And I felt amazing afterwards. Fast forward a few months, and I decided to set up a personal training plan with Joe. In working with him multiple times over the past 2 years, I’ve always found Joe to be a subject matter expert and great motivator. He was spot-on in adapting his style to my personality to help me get the most out of the training program.”  
–Logan C.


“Joe has the perfect balance – he’s caring but not in your business, knowledgeable and can adjust on the fly. He pushes just the right amount to make the workouts challenging but not overwhelming.”
–Susan C.


“If I could only choose 3 attributes for Joe, although he embodies many, they would be motivating, very personable, and knowledgeable. He was able to get me to do what I didn’t want to do – work out regularly. And he made it both fun and enjoyable which in turn made me want to continue. As a personal trainer, he is the best I have worked with.”  
–Roy R.


“I trained with Jake even before he started at Prototype until I changed jobs and left the area. Jake did an outstanding job with me – challenging me to increase my strength and flexibility. Jake is extremely knowledgeable and provides great insight regarding training and healthy lifestyle options. I would definitely train again with Jake if I am ever back in the area.”
-Dave B.


“I love Prototype Fitness. Jake is awesome!  I’ve been going to him over a year and he customizes the workouts to me and my goals. I’m stronger, more flexible and injury free…I feel great!"
–Jami G.


“I have known and worked with Jake for over five years. I am in my 60’s and my only regret is that I didn’t find him sooner. He is an extremely talented personal trainer, but more importantly, he is a mature and nurturing individual of wonderful character and values. He approaches training with a diagnostic approach and has become very well self educated in kinesiology and body mechanics. He responds to your issues or needs in developing physical fitness. Let me give you two examples. I have had one knee replaced and was scheduled for the other. He diagnosed how he and I could go about offsetting the effects of osteoarthritis through massage and strength training.  Three years later the original knee is better than the one I had replaced. The other example is that I had developed a thoracic outlet (shoulder issues due to week back muscle development). He developed a work out regime that has helped dramatically. He isn’t an physical therapist, but he is the best personal trainer with whom I have worked with and knows as much as many physical and massage therapists.”
-Lee S.


“My daughter has trained with Jake for the past year. He individualizes the workout to meet her needs as an athlete and others in their respective sport. My daughter's confidence has increased while her track times have decreased. Both  improvements have greatly improved since starting with Jake at Prototype Fitness.”
-Jennifer E.