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At Prototype Fitness, we strive to give you the best in 1 on 1 training and personalized group training. Each program is specifically tailored to your physical abilities, lifestyle requirements and goals; all to ensure you reach a new level of mental and physical strength.  Whether you’re training for general fitness or sports performance, we provide the individual attention you need to reach your new best.


Prototype Fitness was created for one purpose only: To help anyone with the willingness to take the first step towards becoming a happier, healthier person. Starting a new fitness program can be very intimidating and stressful. Becoming a part of Prototype Fitness will not only decrease that stress but take away all the guess work.

Prototype Fitness serves Chicago’s Western Suburbs including Naperville and Aurora. With a convenient gym location in the Fox Valley area, as well as the option to train at home, your fitness journey can start today!

Don’t spend any more time wondering how good you can feel. There is no better time than today to start living your new happier and healthier life! Contact Prototype Fitness today.







Personal Training


Have you ever made a fitness goal and worked at it briefly just to get frustrated and fall short of achieving what you set out to accomplish? With many options to choose from, the main goal and purpose of Prototype Fitness is to make sure you don’t ever fall short again. Whether it is strength training, weight loss, training for a race or just trying to be more active and feel better, a personalized training and nutritional plan will be designed for you to reach those goals. Within these options, we will do whatever it takes for you to be successful and feel the satisfaction of achieving what you set out for. All the while, teaching you the why’s behind it to instill the new correct and positive habits that an active and healthy lifestyle requires.                      



-Personalized Fitness Plan

-Detailed Nutrition Plan

-Body Weight Tracking

-Biometric Measuring
-Body Fat %

-Progress Tacking

To get started is simple. First you need to contact Prototype Fitness and schedule your initial "meet and greet". This can be done over the phone, via email or even in person. This is a great way for us to get to know each other as well as learn what it is Prototype Fitness can do to help you become a better, stronger and healthier version of yourself. The next step is to schedule your first workout at Prototype Fitness. We call this a walkthrough workout. It is during this time we see what your starting point is and address some of your needs. While working in line with what you are wanting to accomplish at Prototype Fitness, we put together a personalized fitness plan to get you on track to achieving those goals.

*Prices can vary depending on what you are wanting and / or needing. Typically after the first meet and greet, we can give you a better idea of what your plan will look like.

*1 on 1 pricing is $70 to $80 each workout



The Adult Training And Conditioning program, or what we call A.T.A.C., is an individualized approach to group training. A.T.A.C. has 2 programs: men's and lady's.  Each is designed specifically for that group with the fundamentals of fitness at its core.

No matter what your starting level is or what you’re going through, we make the workouts fit your needs. This group can cater to all levels by utilizing all aspects of fitness within the ability level you are currently at.









Men's A.T.A.C. consists of 3 workouts a week.

*Pricing is $150 per month: 12 month training program


Lady's A.T.A.C. consists of 5 workouts a week.

*Pricing is $160 per month: 12 month training program

Sports Performance


If you are an athlete of any kind and compete at any level, there are certain performance and strength movements that you MUST be proficient at. Those are:










Whichever sport you compete in, we can address all of your needs. Because all the basic movements required are the same, it does not matter whether your game day is on grass, hardwood, ice or in the water. It's true, if you are the bigger athlete, you do have the advantage. HOWEVER, if as that bigger athlete, you do not move efficiently, cannot stop and start at will, have a hard time changing directions or have a low size to strength ratio, then size doesn't mean anything. But, when we take that bigger athlete, or  any sized athlete for that matter, and maximize all the previously mentioned performance traits, that becomes a dominating force that will be very difficult to not only defend, but out perform.

Our Youth Performance program has 2 components to it:

1) Prototype Power: These workouts focus on the basic fundamentals of lifting to improve performance. Each athlete has an individualized strength training routine.

2) Prototype Performance: These workouts focus on the movement aspect of athletics. Learning to start and stop, jump and change directions are taught and perfected. We call it Movement Efficiency. 

When it comes to starting up and scheduling your workouts, you have 2 options:

1) Youth Performance consists of 3 workouts a week.

*Pricing is $200 per month: month to month

*Pricing is $500 3 month program (paid up front)

2) Personal Training. Use this format in a 1 on 1 format for even more personalization.


Youth Development

youth development

In the Youth Development Program, the goal is to establish a functional and efficient foundation in which all other programs can continue from. By focusing on movement efficiency, the improvements on strength and speed are immediate. Couple that with consistency and testing the body’s “limitations”, your young athlete will naturally get stronger AND faster.

No matter the sport and no matter the time of year, all athletes need to work on these areas to establish a solid foundation:







How Does Your Athlete's Story Begin? Prototype Fitness. The very next step is workout time! We go through a walkthrough workout to assess movement deficiencies and areas of improvement. We discuss training options and needs based on the walkthrough. Then it’s go time!



*1 on 1 pricing is $70 to $80 each workout



Welcome to Prototype Fitness Boxing. This boxing program is available for all ages, fitness levels and goals. Boxing is unique because you can custom tailor this to supplement your current exercise program and give yourself some variety or you can train to become an actual boxer and compete. You can also use boxing training to enhance your athletic skills in whatever sport you compete in.


-Increase hand speed
-Improve footwork and agility
-Increase reaction
-Better your physical condition
-Improve recovery


-Great calorie burn
-Intense workout
-Strength component
-Increase cardio capacity
-Burn fat
-Mix up your workout
-Different ranges of motion


Cross Training:
-Improve athletic ability
-Increase power output
-Improve recovery
-Increase stamina
-Natural movement patterns

Boxing at Prototype Fitness is different than your traditional boxing gym. It is not old or rundown or dirty. There is no benefit to a "gritty" workout space. It is also unique to Prototype Fitness because you can either do it in a 1 on 1 format or join one of our boxing groups. We treat the start up process similar to personal training or joining a small group workout.

*1 on 1 pricing is $70 to $80 each workout

Movement Training

movement training

What is "Movement Training?"

At Prototype Fitness, we consider it the utilization of all practices and exercise influences to achieve optimal movement for any level of health or sport. 


Whether it’s yoga, boxing, juggling or traditional weightlifting, we focus on a generalization approach to incorporate all angles of movement. Each discipline or practice offers a unique set of skills that the others do not. After a certain amount of development, each can actually cater to other sports or practices and in the end, benefit each other.


Let's start with the coordination and footwork in boxing. Does this mean we need to become top prize fighters? Absolutely not. However, if you’re able to understand timing, distance, reaction and rotary principles, then you’ll understand more about the body itself.  Carry those same skills to a different sport or movement style and you’ll start to develop a better understanding of how the body truly 

works.  And that’s only one practice we engage with.

Imagine learning how to hang correctly or how to deadlift with excellent technique. The carry over from both of these is extremely beneficial. Grip strength, back strength, flexibility, and upper body awareness just to name a few.

"In the end, you’re only as strong as your weakest link. That said, I challenge you to embrace the obstacle that is weakness in the human body and embark on your movement journey with me."


*1 on 1 pricing is $70 to $80 each workout


After a while, you’ll also see that the body craves complexity. It helps keep the nervous system fresh, but also allows you to stay mentally efficient. And when you apply a number of training tools, you’ll understand that there is much more to sport and health besides a machine, a treadmill or even getting your heart rate "into the zone". That doesn’t mean we don’t respect or appreciate or utilize those aspects within our training. Nor do we ignore them. Our stance is simply if you only focus on a few methods, your body cannot be as efficient as it could. You may also you pay a price from a long term perspective.

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