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Joe is a personal trainer with over 10 years experience in the fitness industry. He has trained professional athletes, worked with kids that have developmental difficulties and everyone in between. His main objective is to teach people that living a healthy and fit life, while maintaining a realistic lifestyle, IS POSSIBLE. Whether it is becoming fit, staying fit or training for an event, the goal is to achieve a sense of balance in the person’s life. He refers to his training as “lifestyle management.”

Joe - Owner / Trainer

Joe - Owner / Trainer

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Josh is a personal trainer who has worked in the fitness industry in a variety of roles for the past 8 years. He values commitment, consistency, and challenge. He is passionate about health and fitness and aims to motivate his clients to make their fitness journey a lifetime commitment. It is his goal to support his clients in achieving their fitness goals. As a result, improving their overall well-being, performance, and confidence in all areas of life. His fitness philosophy is that the energy and effort exerted in the gym can be transferred to everyday life.

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Here at Prototype Fitness we continue to work towards being the best. Being the best trainers, offering the best training to our clients and having the best facility. Whether that means training with a different style to accommodate an individual or getting new equipment, we will always do what needs to be done to be better. At Prototype Fitness it's not about us as trainers, it's about the individuals that come through our doors.

Prototype Fitness is looking to add new members to the team to offer even more training options. If you are looking to give your clients something just a little... "more" or maybe you want to take your training career to a new level, inquire below. With flexible hours and more than competitive pay, the sky is the limit for you as a Prototype trainer.

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